Patient Spotlight Update – Kayleigh

Kaleigh Pitterman was our patient spotlight this past summer. To refresh your memory:


Kaleigh is a super fast 16 year old high school runner. Kayleigh has a goal, make it to the state championship in cross country and in the 2 mile race during track season, but after having 2 stress fractures in the fall of 2015, the possibility looked bleak. She decided to be proactive, in order to prevent another injury from derailing her goal, she came in for PT.

Kayleigh followed her PT regime diligently, ran 6-7 days/week with her cross country team and learned to listen to her body to know when she needed to rest her body from running and do something in its place such as elliptical or swim.

All her hard work paid off as she met her goal this past November. She made it to the cross country state finals, a 3.1 mile race, in Peoria, IL. Not only did she make it, she rocked it, she placed 32 out of 210 girls in 17 minutes and 28 seconds, averaging a 5:49/mile pace! Congratulations Kayleigh, I’m so proud of you!


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