2016 was filled with highs and lows like any other year, but with such a divisive, long, drawn out election this past year, it felt lower than usual.  My patients came dragging through my door for their therapy, seeing it as a brief moment of reprieve from the national event, while anxiously awaiting the outcome of the election.  Once the election had ended, some of my patients came through my door with deep worry and sadness; others were uplifted by the results.  One thing we could all agree on; thank goodness the election was over.

The word that comes to me at this time of year to help us get through these low times is Hope.  So, as I move on, here are the shiny spots that gave me hope over the past year and that will carry me through in the coming year.

  • The final 5, The US womens gymnastics team – 5 young, determined women, with smiling faces showing us what hard work, dedication, and teamwork is all about
  • My daughter graduating college


  • Hanukkah falling on Christmas eve this year
  • The CUBS – although I don’t follow sports or make a point of watching sports (but I did grow up watching the Cubs with my father and am a Cubs fan). I made a point to watch this world series.  What I saw was more than just a great game of baseball.  I saw:
    • young men enjoying the game
    • young men working together as a team
    • both teams being respectful of each other
    • the respectful fan support of both teams
    • the outpouring of love and joy at the Cubs celebration parade without incident

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness that my father was no longer here to have experienced this exciting event, but did feel him smiling around me.

  • The weekend in early December spent with my best girlfriends visiting my daughter in Tampa
  • My son going off to his first internship in Chicago this past summer


  • Hamilton (the soundtrack, I haven’t seen it yet) and listening to it over and over again – Lin-Manuel Miranda (the writer/creater) packaged this historical story in the most palatable and teachable way possible to learn about the birth of our nation. A take away I got from Hamilton, is that our founding fathers are similar to a group of entrepreneurs starting a new company.  Both groups are made up of people who have their individual differences, their flaws, and their ingenuity but they all have the willingness to work together to create something bigger than themselves.
  • Numerous visits to the Botanic Garden with my mom


  • The discovery of Rhiannon Giddens, singer
  • Every New Year’s spent with the same friends for the past 20 years
  • My son’s infectious joy at creating a computer program to help students
  • The symphony at Ravinia with my husband
  • And as always, the joy of watching my patients feel better and be able to return to the activities they love to do

My hope for you this coming year, is for you to find your bright shining spots that can uplift you out of the day to day drudgery of work and world events.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

With warmth and gratitude,




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