Correct Toes and Shoelacing


Correct Toes is a silicone toe spacer which allows the toes to spread to their natural position, facilitating the foot to make full contact with the ground.   This promotes good proprioception (knowing where the body is in space) and improved balance for all patient populations, whether you are an athlete or a senior.  Correct Toes come in 3 different sizes and the silicone material allows for easy modifications to better fit your feet.  Correct Toes can be worn while sleeping or they work best while walking or even running to promote better use of feet muscles.   Conditions that can be helped: bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, knee pain, foot pain.


I have been wearing orthotics for over 15 years for inability to walk barefoot painfree, to improve my feet alignment, for arch support, and improve overall function such as balance, walking, standing, and running.  After wearing my Correct Toes for a month, I could feel my feet fully on the ground and my balance and stability improved.  I’m now able to walk barefoot for up to 30 minutes without discomfort.  Ultimately I needed a new pair of orthotics as my feet alignment and function had changed so much. I highly recommend them! Contact my office if you would like to purchase a pair – there is a 30 day trial period if you don’t like them.

A 72 year old patient writes:

Painful big toes, sore bunion area, burning feet all the time.  After using Correct Toes for maybe two or three hours for two days, the burning on bottom of my feet was gone and my bunion and big toe pain were no longer an issue.  Just try them out and you will see how nice it is to be pain free.


Do you have top of foot pain? Do your feet tingle when running or walking? Do you have bunion pain?

A simple solution – try lacing your shoes differently! There is no reason you always have to keep your shoes laced the traditional way. I changed my lacing to skip the middle eyelets in order to accommodate my high instep and for top of foot pain. Not only did my pain go away almost immediately, but my feet feel less squished and are way more comfortable in my running and walking shoes.


Here are some options for you to try but you can come up with any variation or combo you like that feels good.



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