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After the long winter of 2013-2014, Chicago has returned to its usual state of confusion, is it spring or is it summer?  I finished rehabbing my left peroneal tendonitis last Thanksgiving successfully and returned to running for the past 5 months, only to be derailed 3 weeks ago with right achilles tendonopathy.  As I can’t observe or diagnose my own biomechanical faults and weaknesses, I visited my physical therapist for some new exercises to nip this tendonopathy quickly before I lose another summer of running.   I resumed running a few days ago with an easy 3 mile run with no increase in achilles pain.

During my rehab last year I began swimming and actually learned to love swimming.  Last week I just inherited my son’s Specialized road bike and went for a bike ride.  As I have spun for the past few years, the transition to biking was not too bad, just had to get comfortable handling a road bike. 2 bike rides later, I am signed up for my first mini triathlon this weekend in Deerfield.

The Manual Touch 2014 events:

  • Together We Tri Triathlon club: swim clinic, sponsored their indoor triathlon in Glenview, gave injury prevention talks
  • Taught therapeutic taping to the therapists of Glantz Richman Rehab
  • Spoke to Carl Sandburg middle school students in Rolling Meadows, IL about physical therapy
  • Ran a 10k at The Equestrian Connection in Lake Forest

Remember to stay active,  and enjoy the beauty of nature despite our confusing Chicago weather!




2 responses to “Recent News

  1. I’m so impressed and strangely envious. I never had an injury until now and can’t believe how upsetting it is to see these nice running days go to waste. Good luck!

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