A Balancing Act

The Manual Touch


The holidays are a joyous but hectic time, throwing any semblance of our usual schedule or order out the window.  And if you are in the midst of a training plan for an early spring race, staying on schedule can be quite the challenge.  It can be a balancing act to take care of yourself, as well as prepare and enjoy all the holiday activities.  This month’s newsletter will provide some tips to help keep you in balance as your perform the balancing act of the holiday season.

“Stand up straight”, “pull your shoulders back”, “stick your chest out”, “don’t slouch”.  We have all heard these commands to improve our posture.  Although well meaning, more often than not, people, whether young or old, runner or walker, don’t know where their bodies are in space (proprioception) or don’t have the appropriate structural alignment or muscular balance in order to attain good…

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